Contraiwise, Everything Would Be What It Isn’t

“You see?” ‘Her Name Is Alice’ by Shinedown

Yesterday, I had a very good day.

Last week, my sister asked me if I wanted to do a jamming session with her while she was back from Uni. During my dark summer, my relationship with her was the one to suffer the most – even more so than mine and my mother’s, as that was immediately improved with my moving out. With my sister Taylor, however, things aren’t that simple. The last thing she needed before the upheaval of going to Uni was whatever I went through this summer, and our close relationship broke because of it.

When I moved out, I let her know that my door was always open for her and that I was happy to wait for her to be ready to have me in her life more. I know from experience that the one who has suffered most calls the shots with the rekindling – I am going through the same thing with my relationship with my father. And these things take time. So I was over the moon to be invited to a bridge building, jamming session.

We used to jam together all the time. We frequented our local’s open mic session, busked with our sisters/band and often did it for the hell of it. We had a repertoire of duets – Anyone Else But You, 10,000 Nights, Birdhouse In Your Soul, Kiss With A Fist – which we, quite frankly, rocked! Whenever I’d go through my music and see these songs, it would make me a little sad that I couldn’t play them – not without her. Naturally, we played all these and more during our jamming session (along with watching scenes from Pitch Perfect).

It was such good fun and I got to try out a couple of songs I want to perform at the open mic night coming up at work. Ma has challenged Taylor to do an open mic session this summer because I think she knows just how much we all miss it. Plus, since joining her Uni’s Glee club, Taylor’s voice has come on leaps and bounds. She’s always had a lovely voice but she lacked the power myself or sister no. 3 have and the range Liberty has. Now, I think she’s probably better than Lib and myself – no one can beat No. 3 though, she’s one of those annoyingly talented people who can just play any instrument if given a certain amount of time!

The jamming session ended with the start of running club – there were two little’uns to care for, one of whom is not very well at all. I stuck around as long as I could, but had to head home for I was being picked up by the boyfriend to go to a meal.  A family friend had told him about this place near us and it seemed worthwhile checking it out. He’d been out on errands prior to seven and said he’d pick me up then. (Which meant around half past, he is terrible with his time keeping – I am slowly learning this!)

Anyway, the place was Granvilles – a wonderfully colourful restaurant/café/bar type place. It was tastefully quirky with its decor and the menu made for a good read. Good selection of puddings, easy to find vegetarian options and one which wasn’t mushroom heaven! Because I hadn’t eaten but the boyfriend had, we went for a starter and a specials pizza to share at the same time. We only went for the starter though because there was one which caught my eye – spinach and feta parcels. My goodness! They were amazing! And the pizza was delicious too. It came with a side salad on top of it and was glorious. We went for a simple margarita as that would keep us both happy; the dough to tomato to cheese ratio was perfect. We also ordered cocktails – Mai Tai for me (Jewel Staite goes on about them in her blog all the time, I wanted to try!) and a Bakewell cocktail for him – and a pudding each. I had a brownie and the boyfriend went for the Bakewell tart. The waiter’s face when he ordered the double dose of bakewell was hilarious! He has a soft spot for Bakewells. (I’ve made him bakewell cupcakes before because of it.)

While we dined, there was a couple tuning up some guitars and setting up mics. We’d seen the place had a strong musical element but hadn’t realised anyone was on tonight. The couple setting up played a few then someone new came on. Turns out, every Monday they hold an open mic night! How wonderful?! It’s a case of turning up, letting the chap in charge know you’re there then waiting your turn (and staying clear of the cocktails – I don’t drink and play, can barely remember songs as it is!).

Fencing may have turned out to be  a bit of a bust, but I think I’ve found something better and something I know that I enjoy. I can’t wait for next Monday now! I also told Taylor about Granvilles, so she has a place to do her open mic night and I’ve promised her a meal there. Now all I have to do is work out where to park… I’m no good with town centres!


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